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Eco Heroes

Click on the link below to find out about the Year Five children taking part in the ‘Helping Hands’ project…


Next Meeting: Thursday 14th December 2017
Each class, from Year 2 to Year 6, elects a representative for Eco Heroes. Eco Heroes have an active role in school. They raise our awareness about sustainability and encourage everyone to be good at recycling and saving energy, along with raising awareness of global issues. We encourage good habits for the future of our planet.

Mrs Brown and Mrs Strachan run the Eco Heroes club.  Children meet once, every half term, on a Thursday.  We currently have a silver award from Eco Schools, which we are very proud of.

 Our main project last year was setting up the ‘WOW scheme’ and this year will be raising money to sponsor an endangered penguin, this was a suggestion from the children last year.

Click here to play an online game about saving energy!