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Your Nursery: Fairfield Primary School

Activity Week (Year 5 Pupil) 4.7.2016

On 27th June, we (Fairfield Primary School) started our activity week.  Activity week is where all of our children can come dressed in their favourite sports clothes and join in with various activity such as: the boot camp challenge, climbing frame and a bouncy castle for the littler ones.  Everyone joins in with activity week, even Nursery!  Activity week happens one week every year.  Today, we had the boot camp challenge on the field, along with the climbing frame and the bouncy castle for the little ones.  On the boot camp, every class takes it in turns to have a go (this happens Monday to Friday, not just all in one day).  The boot camp is a big inflatable, that we race each other through in pairs.  As for the climbing frame, the children get strapped into a harness (this is done safely by professionals) and have to try and climb up to the top and press the finish button.

The Archbishop of York Award (Year 5 Pupil) 28.6.2016

On the 28th June, The Archbishop of York came to watch a performance that all of our Year Five pupils put together to earn an award, and this is what we did.  First of all, we organised a cake sale for Children in Need and we asked for the whole school to come dressed in either a costume of their childhood hero or as a superhero.  We got an amazing result of £500!  After Children in Need, we organised for some of the elderly residents from Wellburn House to come to our school for Christmas because some of them didn’t have anyone to spend theirs with.  We got into the festive feeling and decided to wear our Christmas jumpers; we also played Bingo, which they really enjoyed.  After that, we went on a walk around the local community to see if there was anything we could improve.  The two main problems we found were dog dirt and litter.  To solve the dog dirt problem, we could either design posters or dog bins.  We also wrote a letter to the council about the dog dirt, but we did not receive a reply.  We have spotted more posters going up around the area, so we think that the council have taken notice of what we wanted to happen about this revolting issue.  For the litter problem, we went on a litter pick called ‘The BIG Tidy Up’.  It was really fun, with just a little bit of EEWWW cleaning up the streets of Stockton.  We think that we need to keep places like: parks, schools, shops and walkways clean for the people of our community.  Soon after that, we received a ‘Helping Hands’ certificate for taking part in everything.  We have one last message, which is; Be the change you want to see.