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Forest School

Mr Ruffell and Mrs Goodwill have been working closely with the staff from ‘Acorn Antics’ to develop a Forest School group with some of our Year Three boys.  Here are some of the comments they have made so far…

“At Forest School, I was in the den-building group. I helped Cathy to spread the sheet out… Riley was brilliant at getting ideas for the camp and Harry joined in to peg the sheet down… The fire lighting group were excellent at lighting the fire.” Harvey

“This is the best day of my life!” Even

“I enjoyed exploring and there were boundaries to keep us safe. We were not allowed past the boundaries… We built a camp fire and I was part of the fire team.” Jamie

“I enjoyed going in the woods and searching for strange things. I also enjoyed building a shelter with Harry and seeing Kieren light the fire and Jay make the hot chocolate. I enjoyed talking to the group and playing the game when we got to the woods.” Alexander

“I went to the forest to explore and we learnt to always use a stick to check how deep the muddy bits are before going in them… The mud wasn’t too deep so I went in and got really muddy! We saw a big tree that had fallen down and underneath, it was really muddy.” Alfie

“Today I found different trees with Miss Cobb and Cathy showed me wild leaves to eat. I helped to make the toilet! Next time I am going to make tools and build stuff.” Lleyton

“Today I liked getting the fire working. I nearly got stuck in the mud and we saw a beehive in the woods. It was fun.”

“Today at Forest School, me and my friends made a fire. We got muddy jumping in the muddy puddles.” Lewis

“I enjoyed making a fire. Today I was excited.” Kieren

“I built a den with Cordy, Even, Harvey and Lewis. I enjoyed lighting the fire. Cathy, Riley and Harvey built a den with me and I ate my lunch inside it.” Harry

” When I built a den I used some branches to get the den really high. We got the fire lit and had some hot chocolate.” Cordy

“I enjoyed playing in the mud and I loved exploring. Today I found a type of nut.” Sonny

“I went to Forest School and made a toilet area and made a tent with Cathy and Jamie… Jay made hot chocolate and it was delicious. We all had fun.” Riley

“Today we went to a new camp and we made a fire. I carved a stick for a spoon and I made some hot chocolate.” Jay